Cambridge Vegan Feasting

When I started Veganuary I really just intended to be vegan for January. Now February is here I don’t want to stop and certainly will not be doing Februdairy! This weekend I was visiting my daughter in Cambridge for her birthday. She booked a restaurant for dinner called The Old Bicycle Shop which ‘had vegan options’ but definitely had a meaty menu. This often means a few veg on a plate followed by a sorbet or fruit salad as the vegan options but this restaurant was so different.0B403390-0E09-4154-84C7-A83F9B6F91BFThe menu was so nice in fact that even the meat eater wanted to share the vegan platter starter. It was delicious. Miso sweet potato with Nigella seeds, Broad Bean hummus with home made pitta, onion bhaji, barbecued cauliflower wings.

The Main courses were also so good 4/5 of us went for vegan options. I had a charred chicory salad with truffle infused butternut squash, the girls chose a lentil cobbler. The thrice cooked chips came with either barbecue sauce or saffron aioli for the non vegans.

The beers and wines were vegan too – as were some of the cocktails. Unfortunately the Vegan Cheesecake with meringue was so delicious we ate it before I could get a picture.

It turns out the manager is a vegan and ensured that not only the food was interesting and tasty but that the drinks menu was varied and easy to use. The espresso martini was incredible.

To continue our food forage in Cambridge, the next day we decided to go out for brunch. Behind Ellie’s accommodation was Stem and Glory . A Vegan Cafe. We all had a big brunch including scrambled tofu on toast with ‘protein beans’ tempeh bacon and mushrooms. The smoothies were amazing too with good coffee to follow.


Having sworn I was too full to eat anything for the rest of the day I got home to Hay  at 4pm and knocked up a Cauliflower Cheese roast dinner with caramelised onion gravy. Now Im full!


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