Seitan Surprise

Yesterday I visited my daughter on holiday in a shepherds hut in rural mid wales in a remote area near hundred house. She was looking for trilobite fossils in a small private quarry. The weather was absolutely dreadful so I took a vegan food parcel of vegan sausage rolls hummus and my favourite recipe vegan sponge cake to warm them up.


We all found a few fossils despite storm callum.


I offered to cook a vegan roast for them on the way home today. I have recently discovered Gaz Oakley, The Avant Garde Vegan. As this year will be our first vegan Christmas I’m keen to try out new ideas. Gaz’s ‘Beef’ with red wine and rosemary certainly looked interesting.

There are quite a lot of ingredients but the recipe is fairly easy – although having no muslin I sacrificed a tea towel. The raw joint looked disconcertingly like raw beef!  The texture is great, quite meaty but not tough. We served it with garlic roast potatoes , leeks with ‘ no cheese sauce’ and  vegetables with a thick gravy made from the simmering liquid the ‘beef’ was simmered in.

. Though I say so myself pretty delicious.

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