I love a kitchen gadget but it’s often the case that they sit idly in the cupboard gathering dust. The two I’m going to write about here though make life very easy and enable a healthy meal in a rush or on a stressy work day.

Slow Cooker

On a long work day. I pop home to let the dog out briefly and put some bits and pieces in the slow cooker at lunch time. This week I used a recipe from @deliciouslyella for a Sri Lankan Curry in my inherited Slow Cooker

I obviously couldn’t follow the recipe instructions as written so just put all the ingredients in the pot turned it on and went to work. Coming home in the evening the house smells lovely and all that is left to do is cook some rice.

Days off are busy too. So today, in the middle of dancing through the housework to a Nile Rogers playlist I chopped some butternut squash, carrot and pepper which I roasted for ten minutes to soften with some ginger and garlic. ( not necessary to pre-roast but it gives a lovely flavour with this soup)

Again, so easy, empty it all into the Soupmaker, add boiling water, a stock cube and press go. It cooks and blends the soup in twenty minutes.

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