Sunday Lunch

We have had a lovely weekend with family. Planning for Christmas, shopping for interview suits and buying Christmas bedding.

Part of the planning is our first proper vegan Christmas dinner. I have tried the Beef Seitan roast so today experimented with NoTurkey roast from the fabulous Christmas book by the #avantgardevegan.

Its pretty easy if you like kitchen gadgets. Mix dry ingredients with wet ingredients ( which have been blitzed in a food processor) to form a dough. Knead the dough with a food mixer for 10 minutes and then roll out into a square and add stuffing.

It looks something like this as you put it in the oven with some veg stock and wine or cider. I turned it half way through and finished it off in the oven out of the muslin wrapping on a baking tray just to brown it off.

The result was pretty good for a first attempt. In the recipe the joint is covered in seitan ‘bacon’ when finished off in the oven.

The cooking liquid makes a great gravy as you whizz up the ingredients of the cooking liquid and finish off with bisto powder.

It wasn’t perfect, but a tasty first attempt that made a great roast dinner paired with the usual trimmings


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